Professional PROJECTS

Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood

Birmingham, AL.  |  Summer 2020



This summer internship gave me an opportunity to work as a planner and designer, working on multiple projects covering multiple scales, each possessing different practices and approaches to the solution. 

Hallmark Farms 

2020.06.02 Hallmark Farm Master Plan Upd

Rome River District 


Revitalizing the River District in Rome, GA. using road diets, on-street trees, bike lanes and decreasing curb-cuts to enhance the pedestrian experience. 

Dalton Gateway


Gateway improvements along Walnut Ave and Rocky Face in Dalton, GA., as well as looking at future land-use zoning and potential development areas. 


The Bray at Liberty Park

Liberty Park - birdseye1B.jpg

Ashville, AL. Comp Plan

Ashville Comp Plan DRAFT.jpg

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