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Auburn University

Auburn, AL | Undergrad & Grad School

2016-2019, 2019-2021

Masters of Community Planning | MCP

Community Planning is the marriage between people and their surroundings. It is how the built environment influences human behavior and interaction. It is daylighting the frames and systems that shape our cities and the lives of people within them. The built environment and our places within them are not accidental. The discipline shapes where we live, work, and play, all of which affect our health and wellbeing. It requires us as planners to be intentional about how we plan, design, and distribute those spaces to promote better health and social outcomes. 


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Lee County Migration

GIS Course

Migration patterns in the contiguous United States to and from Lee County (home of Auburn University) and how it ties in to the local and state economy. We looked at the location quotient and shift-share analysis of industry sectors relative to the state of Alabama. 

Walker County, AL.

Quantitative Research Methods

A quality, professional quality Demographic and Economic Profile on Walker County. This includes population analysis and projections using Linear and Geometric models and Male and Female Cohort Component Calculations. This also features Dissimilarity, Isolation, and Interaction calculations. 


MHA Strategic Plan

A deeper dive into the Victor Tulane community was conducted from this overarching Plan to address the site and community-specific challenges further. This site-specific Plan aims to redevelop the Victor Tulane community into a prosperous area of Montgomery. Housing is about more than a unit being built, a policy approach, or a percentage of income; housing is about people and community. 

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Randolph County

Worked in collaboration with the Economic Development Authority, developed ideas for economic growth in line with trends and opportunities in the area, and were guided by community engagement and feedback.

Randolph County Economci Vision- Group O
Affordable Housing Plan

This project is aimed at analyzing, addressing, and resolving housing affordability issues for Honolulu, Hawaii. It looks closely at five groups most affected by the shortcomings of low-income or affordable housing in the area. 

Community Engagement

Throughout the semester, I worked on community-based qualitative research on the topic of parking in Downtown Auburn. This involved gathering personal experience, introspection, interviews, and cultural texts and productions, along with observational, historical and interactional research.

Mobile Street

This assignment asked us to study Montgomery, Alabama and ask questions about the larger context of West Montgomery (home of Mobile St.) across various scales and through several lenses. The questions asked and the presentation of the findings through text and drawings will form the basis of the design decisions

montgomery 4.jpg
City As a Garden

It is important to think about Cities; their character, physical form, and most critical and interesting contemporary urban design challenges. The City as a Garden of Ideas is a metaphor with implications for The City itself as well as how we might think about urban growth and change. 

Walkability & Economics

While city planners and economic developers think of how they can provide their citizens with a quality of life that makes them want to stay (or, in many cases, also attracts more people), perhaps the most neglected thought is the design of the city or how walkable it can be

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The Village

This is a proposal to retrofit this area that helps campus achieve goals associated with environmental sustainability and, in addition, enhance the living, working, and academic environment. 


Bachelors of Science in Environmental Design | BSEV

Environmental Design is the process of rethinking or revitalizing the built environment and enhancing the user experience while also considering different factors and parameters (such as budget, stakeholders, etc.). It places an emphasis on human-centric design, the idea of systems thinking through holistic approaches. This allows me to better help people by designing with them, instead of for them. 


Discovery Green


Red Clay Logo

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Dudley Hall Lounge

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LADC Redesign

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