Walker County Report


GIS Research Paper

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Auburn Community Report

Throughout the semester, I worked on community-based qualitative research on the topic of parking in Downtown Auburn. This involved gathering personal experience, introspection, interviews, and cultural texts and productions, along with observational, historical and interactional research.

Mobile St. Revitalization

The questions asked and the presentation of the findings through text and drawings will form the basis of the design decisions in phase two of the project. Phase two required us to test different scenarios and evaluate design decisions at the local level, which would use or build upon existing infrastructure along, or near, Mobile street. 

City as a Garden

It is important to think about Cities; their character, physical form, and most critical and interesting contemporary urban design challenges. The City as a Garden of Ideas is a metaphor with implications for The City itself as well as how we might think about urban growth and change. ​

Walkability & Economics

While city planners and economic developers think of how they can provide their citizens with a quality of life that makes them want to stay (or, in many cases, also attracts more people), perhaps the most neglected thought is the design of the city or how walkable it can be


The Village

This is a proposal to retrofit for this area that helps campus achieve goals associated with environmental sustainability and, in addition, enhance the living, working, and learning environment. 

LADC Redesign

Tasked with redesigning the space, or the overall layout of the library, to make it a more functional and more enjoyable space. 

Dudley Lounge

The proposed design would be built by design students within the respected budget and aims to provide a space for relaxation, as well as a collaboration by means of new seating solutions and adequate lighting strategies. 

MORE coming soon

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